Brandon Long

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    Brandon Long is an executive who is experienced in leadership development and the strategic growth of marketing firms. A former resident of Grass Valley, California, he now lives and operates in Denver, Colorado, where he started his first company in 2014.


    Throughout his career, Brandon Long has provided a variety of professional services, including location management, training and development, client retention, market research, and expansion.


    Brandon has worked with marketing firms across the United States, successfully managing multiple clients, while coaching others on business strategies, before partnering with nonprofits in 2019.


    Brandon started his career by operating his own auto detailing business. Later, he was hired by a marketing company, where he gained many of the skills that he uses today.


    Brandon holds consulting roles for multiple companies and their clients.


    In his personal life, Brandon is known for chasing spikes of adrenaline. In particular, he enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, and snowboarding in the front range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.


    Brandon is an avid sports enthusiast and enjoys various team sports, including softball and flag football. He spends his downtime watching the Patriots and the UFC. He cares deeply about health and fitness, making it an essential part of his daily routine by prioritizing self-development and improvement. He also enjoys much of his downtime by spending much-needed time with his daughter.


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